Maybe the key here is this: acknowledge that the brownie tastes like it came from a box.Acknowledge that the texture is a bit harder than you would have liked it to be.Express that maybe a brownie of this caliber should not cost seven dollars at a fancy restaurant.   Photo credit:   And then […]


Autopilot mode vs. Heartbreak Mode I´ve identifited two basic modes we operate on in our daily lives. Functionality at autopilot mode is perhaps what we all strive to attain, especially in American society, where being efficient and ¨making something of yourself¨are highly prized.Though clearly behavior belongs on a spectrum and can fall anywhere few and […]

   The beginning Two months in     Almost two months have passed since I landed in Uruguay, but having spent a month traveling through Argentina and Chile, I´m just now getting around to organizing all my scattered writing into a coherent blog.As I sit down at Yenny Cafe to compile my thoughts, through the window […]